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Pringles Releases a Flavour That Tastes Like an Extinct Animal… From Halo: Reach – IGN – IGN

Pringles’ newest flavor is literally from another universe. The Moa Burger is made from a flightless bird featured in Halo: Reach, and it’s available for a limited-time…



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Pringles’ latest flavor is based on the Moa Burger from the planet Reach. If you aren’t familiar with that particular planet or flavor, it may be because it is based on a flightless bird/delicacy from 2010’s Halo: Reach.Halo’s Twitter account announced the surprising collaboration with Pringles, revealing that Moa Burger is a limited-edition flavor that is now being sold exclusively at Walmart.
Not only do Moa appear in Halo: Reach, there is also an in-game advertisement for the Moa Burger that…

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